Tournament Manager

Screenshot Tournament Manager

The Tournament Manager is my best shot at providing a modern system to help schools and organizations around the world running tournaments. As seen at the Internation Kuoshu Cup 2019 in Neu-Ulm, Germany, it is still in its early stages and only its first component is somewhat ready: the Display Helper.

Display Helper

Screenshot Display Helper

The Display Helper lets you display current data like results and next competitors. To do this it is separated into two programs: one for input and one for display. All you need to use it is a somewhat modern laptop that can run a somewhat modern browser. See the How To segment for installation details.

Currently, there are two modules supported: Forms and Full Contact.


form administration
form display judging
form display overview

Displays the category, order of starts and current standings. Will update automatically as the category moves on. With this, the audience and the participants alike will always feel oriented.

Full Contact

full contact administration overview
full contact display overview
full contact administration fight
full contact display fight

Displays who has won which round and the current time to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Between the fight the fight order is displayed so that everyone is oriented.

Open Source

I want to publish my work as Open Source for a variety of reasons. The main ones are:

For everyone

The Software can be used by everyone for no cost, from the small newly started school all the way up to The World Kuo Shu Federation.

Working together

Got a question? Have a problem? The more people are using the Software, the more people are there to help each other.

Always improving

Everyone with the skills to do so can improve the Software to make it better for everyone else. So please, make sure that you report your changes back to me.

Support available

If you stumble upon a problem you cannot solve yourself you can contact me for professional (that means paid) support.

I care about sharing improvements. Because of that I chose the GNU GPLv3. It lets you do almost anything, except distributing closed source versions. That means that, if you change to code, you have to make those changes open source as well. If you do not know how to do that, you can send your changes to me. If you download my code you agree to this license.

In the near future I will provide a Docker image and a GitLab link. Until then you can just download the code here.

How To

Here you will finde some guidelines on how to install the software.

Display Helper: Setup

  • Install Node.js
  • Unzip code in folder of choice
  • Execute npm install both in folder/ (administration) and in folder/display/ (display)
  • Change *.json in folder/data/ as needed
  • Execute npm run dev in folder/ to start the program
  • I recommend Chrome since server side events are used
  • Administration: http://localhost:5000/
  • Display: http://localhost:3000/

Display Helper: Configuration

To be done

Contact Me

The code is Open Source and can be used and modified as you like without cost. My time, however, cannot. I can provide you with professional (that is, paid) support if you need it. For example:

  • installing and setting up the program so it can run
  • train you how to use the program
  • making changes like adding your own logo or custom colors
  • adding additional functionality
  • debugging functionality you have added

If you do not wish to pay anything it might be enough to just wait. I have a lot of plans with this program, so your desired feature might be added in the future.

Used By

List of schools and organisation who are using the software.

Logo CKI

Chinese Kuoshu Institute, Germany

Home of Shi Fu Alexander Czech. Host of the yearly International Kuoshu Cup.